Our Work

Strategic Focus

Our major priorities revolve around:

We advocate for Government to develop and implement evidence-based policies that promote accessibility, equity and inclusive quality education in a friendly and protective environment.

We promote and advocate for transparency and accountability in provision of quality education

We promote citizen participation in the provision and monitoring of equitable, inclusive and quality education.

Our Coverage

We are spread across 26 regions, through media advocacy campaigns and Friends of Education Network, working directly with 127 schools (65 primary and 62 secondary schools) across 22 districts:

Muleba, Serengeti, Kigoma, Geita, Kilosa, Bariadi, Ukerewe, Tunduru, Masasi, Kilwa, Mkuranga, Moshi DC, Korogwe DC, Arusha DC, Njombe, Mbeya, Sumbawanga DC, Tabora, Mpwapwa, Iramba, Musoma and Babati.


Covered Coverage Opportunity

Our Partners

We value generous contributions of the partners below:

If you are interested in supporting or patnering with us please contact ed@hakielimu.or.tz