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The Good School (Shule Bora)

The Good School

HakiElimu has adopted The Good School model developed by Raising Voices in Uganda, which has proven to have a positive impact, reducing the prevalence of all forms of violence from teachers and peers toward both girls and boys.

The Good School Toolkit seeks create a nurturing learning environment through progressive learning methodology and strengthened school governance. The process is led by Good School Committees, of which teachers, students and parents are members. Parents and teachers receive training and resources on VAC, building positive relationships and positive discipline, while children will be empowered through life skills to recognise their strengths, exhibit positive class behaviour and to speak up on issues that impact their learning.

  • In order to scale the impact of the Good School Model, HakiElimu is also:
    • Developing an evidence base to inform advocacy: We conducting a study to fully understand the prevalence and magnitude, stakeholders’ perceptions, perpetrators, and the causes of VACiS, as well as the barriers to preventing VACiS.
    • Using Evidence Based Communication to change social norms and behaviors: We are testing different messages and communication channels to understand what is the most effective way to influence change.
    • Engaging Citizens: HakiElimu is building the capacity of its volunteers in the Friends of Education (FoE) Network on Violence Against Children (VAC) and supports FoE’s to deliver community campaigns through dialogues, local radio and theatre for development to raise awareness. As a result, we have seen increased reporting of VAC, and children suported to return to school, which action is taken by authorities against purpatrators.
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