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Promotion of Girls Education through Education Champion Network (ECN)

In this project, HakiElimu is engaging citizens to address harmful social norms in advancing equity and quality in education using data, research and success stories to influence internal financing and policies, leading to improved livelihood among girls in Tanzania. The project target group is in-school girls aged 10-14 and 15-19 years, respectively, those at risk of child marriage and pregnancies,and those who experience gender-based violence.

The project also targets out-of-school girls aged 15-19 and 20-24 years, respectively, who wish to return to formal education, covering rural and urban geographic locations in the country. This project will reach 24,300 children (12,400 girls and 11,900 boys) with messages on girls’ rights. Of these, 4,640 children (3,680 girls and 960 boys) will be directly engaged and benefit from improved knowledge of girls’ rights and life skills, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, mentorship in entrepreneurship and career development.

Through this project, HakiElimu is also collaborating with the National Chapter of the Education Champion Network (ECN) to jointly advocate for Government to develop and implement evidence-based policies that promote inclusive, safe and quality education. Girls’ retention, transition and learning, child protection against violence in and around schools, protection from harmful practices and segregated gender norms.


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