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Our Roots

HakiElimu (Swahili for ‘Right to Education’) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, established in 2001 by 13 Tanzanian Founding Members. Our history is rooted in the ambition of the founder members – “ citizens, if actively involved in education governance, can make a difference in the education sector”.

Today, we are the leading national experts in education, policy analysis, and advocacy. In  2019 we emerged the overall winner of The African Civil Society Excellence Awards, and we also won in two categories, “Strategic Ability and Adaptability” and “Leadership and Governance”.

The Vision

An open, just, and democratic Tanzania where all people enjoy the right to an education that promotes equity, creativity, and critical thinking.

The Mission

We enable people to transform education, in and out of schools, influence policymaking and effective implementation, stimulate imaginative public dialogue and social change, conduct research, policy analysis, and advocacy, and collaborate with partners to advance participation, accountability, transparency, and social justice.

Our Core Values

The 10 values at the center of our brand, culture, and work are:

Commitment to social justice and human rights


Mutual respect and non-discrimination

Gender equality and awareness


Highest ethical standards


Passion for quality





Transparent and honest

Results oriented


Commitment to reflection and learning


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