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Legal Rap: Understanding Legal Subjects

Yo, yo, yo, let’s talk legal, let’s talk law,

From contracts and diligence, to trade agreements, we’re a’gonna draw.

When signing a contract, we would come into play,

A shortened form, but don’t you stray.

If you ever need to send a letter with proof,

Learn how to fill out a form, don’t stay aloof,

Certified mail, step-by-step is here for you,

No need to fret, no need to stew.

For generators, NFPA 110 has got your back,

Level 1 requirements, no need to track.

Compliance is key, so don’t you miss,

Get up to code, don’t give it a miss.

When it comes to diligence, it’s a legal term,

Required by law, don’t let it squirm,

Learn the meaning, the importance, the application,

Due diligence law, your legal station.

Renting in Salt Lake City, know your rights,

Rental laws in sight,

Understand your community agreements, don’t get caught,

Be informed, don’t get distraught.

Australia’s free trade agreement with China, it’s a big one,

Benefits and impact, don’t be undone.

Open your eyes, see the flow,

The impact it has, don’t you know?

And when it comes to business car insurance, don’t be in dismay,

Understand what it covers, don’t be led astray,

Legal FAQs have got your back,

Know your coverage, don’t fall into a crack.

So when it comes to legal subjects, know where to go,

Legal subject matter, it’s a great big show.

And if you’re into AIA CM contracts, we’ve got the scoop,

Everything you need to know, no need to regroup.

So there you have it, a legal rap,

From contracts to trade, it’s a wrap.

Know your stuff, don’t be in the dark,

Legal knowledge, it’s your spark.

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