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Legal Matters for Teens

Hey guys, I’ve been doing some digging into some legal stuff that affects us teens! You won’t believe how many legal things we have to deal with already. Let’s break it down!
First up, did you know that when the time comes for us to rent or buy property, there’s a whole contract agreement for rental or a purchase agreement for property involved? Find out more here. It’s super important to know what we’re getting into before we sign anything!
And what about those of us who live in condos or apartment buildings? There are specific rules set by the BC strata council that we need to follow. I found a comprehensive guide for owners and residents here that breaks it all down.
When we turn legal age, there’s the issue of the legal drinking age in places like New York City. It’s essential to know these things, even if we’re not interested in drinking. Here’s the lowdown.
For those of us who are thinking about our career paths, there are also job opportunities in the legal field. I found out about contract administrator jobs in Canada that are perfect for anyone interested in legal employment here.
Last but not least, there are also bigger legal issues like the Paris Agreement and the fight for legal abortion. It’s great to be informed about what’s happening in the world, so check this out for some important insights.
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