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Irene Dotto: P-VAC School Club Champion

Irene Dotto is a Standard VII female pupil at Sim Baguji Primary School in Geita Region. Her ambition is to become a journalist and a news reporter. Despite the difficulties at school and witnessing two classmates drop out due to pregnancy cases and others because they did not like school, Irene does not want to quit her studies.

“ There are many temptations on the way to school, and my success is mainly due to a consistent study timetable to avoid temptations, including intimate relations. If I have a problem or need something, I will patiently wait until I have the money to resolve it, and when I am hungry, I go home to eat”, says Irene.

In her last exams ( Std VI), Irene was 2nd among 75 pupils. She says the Club has benefited girls in many ways. They learn how to manage difficult times and also how to grow vegetables.

“We sell spinach, and we use the money to buy textbooks for pupils who cannot afford them,” she says.

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