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Good School Tool Kit – Masasi

GST programs aims at creating violent-free learning environment, during reflection meeting GST Committee members gave some testimonies and case studies on how the training has helped them to protect children from violent acts including corporal punishment. There was one teacher at this school who is a GST committee member who was regularly canning students. He was a fierce teacher that student feared him so much.

“When he is on duty even parents in the street will know today teach….is on duty but after GST training, he has completely changed. Currently he is the one who hold a hand when he noticed a teacher is about to can a student claiming that their school is a good school” Said one of the GST teachers committee members.

When students asked about that teacher, they said they had no peace and that they could not stand before him at all. Students feared him such that, they could not understand the subject he teaches.

“Before GST training, he was such an aggressive teacher, when he is on duty it was even worse. He was coming to class with a furious face such that we were very much afraid even to answer questions. But now he is such a good teacher especially after attending GST training, he has real changed and now we love him and we understand the subjects he teaches.

“Early 2022, I came across a very sad story of child who stole vegetables at home. When his mom came back, she took dry grass and tied them to her Childs’ hands then she poured kerosene on it and lit the match while holding her Childs’ hand such that he could not escape. As the dry grass burnt the Childs’ hand also was badly burnt. Some of the community members witnessed this awful and inhuman act but they did nothing arguing that, he is her own child and therefore they can’t intervene.

As a member of Good School committee, I could not keep quiet. In fact, I am not a resident of that area but I work there as a teacher. I confront this mother but she could not give me a clear explanation on the incident. I decided to go to Word Executive Office and report the incidents. The mother was taken to the nearby police station and as were as speaking, the case is ongoing. The community around that area fired me as they think I am not a teacher but a spy. I have come to learn that physical punishment to children around that area has decreased because the news on this incident spread to other community members, so parents fear to be taken to the police station for punishing their children.

Thanks to GST leadership trainings for equipping me with knowledge on how to protect children from violence and necessary steps to be taken to help children who are victims of violence acts.” explained one of the GST parents committee members at Mtunungu Primary Schools in Masasi District.

GST parents committee also explained how the training (especially step two) helped them to understand children’ rights including right to education and how to protect them from violence and keep them safe so that they can enjoy their education journey. One of the parents’ committee members explained how the knowledge she got from the training helped her to rescue a child who was an orphan, living with a grandmother with no means and hope to go to school. She heard the story of this child from a neighbor and she decided to visit one of the CBO around their area to ask for help for this child.

The idea was positively received and immediately, the institution organized for fundraising event and purchased school needs for the child and now she is in STD one at Mpindimbi Primary school and one of the GST teachers committee members is her class teacher. “I am aware of this child and I am her class teacher” said one of the GST teachers committee members. GST Teachers and parents committee members at Mpindimbi Primary School are now good ambassadors of Good School program in their community.

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