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GAWE 2022

The Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) is a flagship event for the civil society education movement, and has been running successfully since 2003. For the past years, the Tanzania Education Network/ Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET) has been commemorating GAWE in collaboration with other education actors at global, regional and national level to perform different activities as per the theme. Basically, the event, takes place in identified district which is done based on observed educational challenges through the identified theme. The main goal of GAWE week is to improve learning outcomes but also, there are other specific objectives depending on specific them of particular year and contextual factors.

For the past five years HakiElimu, as a member of TENMET, has been participating in the national steering committee of the GAWE. Apart from networking, during this event, HakiElimu gets opportunity to showcase the organization interventions and also, collaborate with other CSO’s to support government efforts in imporoving learning and teaching environment in the identified regions.

2022 GAWE event took place in Igunga district, Tabora region from 25th -29th April, 2022 at Mwenge primary school play grounds. HakiElimu was represented by 2 PO’s RE and BP and a driver. Also, 6 GRTI champions and 2 Senior Female Friends (SFFFs) from Mgongo, Shelui, Lulumba secondary school, Tutu and Lulumba primary school from Iramba district, participated in the event. The main purpose was to show case, GRTI activities, particulary sanitary pad making, with the public specifically other students. This year’s GAWE these was “Financing quality education for improved learning outcomes” and the motto was “Education first”

Official opening of GAWE commemoration week in Igunga took place on 25th April, 2022. Participants were general public, regional, district, ward and street government officials, teachers, students and representatives of more than 44 CSOs from across Tanzania. Prior to official opening, the guest of honor, honorable Sauda Mtondoo, Igunga district commissioner and other regional and district officials visited exsibition pavilions to see various interventions that CSO’s are doing. On visiting HakiElimu pavillion, she was impressed by HakiElimu interventions,especially making of re-usable sanitary pads. Also, other people visited HakiElimu pavillions to learn what HakiElimu is doing and collected publications.In her opening speech, she appriciated TEN/MET for organising GAWE event and for considering Igunga district.

HakiElimu publications has continued to be the reliable sources of information on education issues. Considering the nature of this event which involved students, teachers, parents/community members and government officials, HakiElimu booth was so much crowded with lots of visitors especially students who were interested more with cartoon booklets. A total of 1,700 various publications were distributed

Unlike other years, six GRTI champions and 2 Senior Female Focal Friends (SFFFs) from Mgongo, Shelui, Lulumba secondary schools, Tutu and Lulumba primary schools from Iramba district, participated in the event. The main purpose was to show case, GRTI activities, particularly sanitary pad making, with the public specifically other students. A lot of visitors including students were attracted and interested to learn how re-usable sanitary pads were being made and some took contacts for future collaboration with HakiElimu.

This was one of the important activity that was planned in order to enable TEN/MET members experience actual situation regarding teaching and learning environment and interract with the community school board/comettee, parenets, teachers. Therefore,the following day 26/4/2022 the TEN/MET team, accompanied with district and ward educatation officials visited schools, Igunga primary school and Nanga Secondary school to get field experience and engage with the community. In present were district and ward education and popitical officials, teachers, students, school boards and comeetee members, parents, religion and traditional leaders. Igunga primary school was constructed in 1954 and has 1,295 pupils. Also, the school has special education unit, which has 37 students with various disabilities such as physical impairement, learning difficulties etc. The main challenges that the school is facing includes, lack of toilets (only 4 toiltes for all students inluding those with special needs), lack of school feeding programme, poor suport from the parents, lack of fence etc. TEN/MET chair person Mr. Ochola Wayoga, organised fundraising to support special needs unit and 700,000/= was collected from participants.Also at Igunga Primary schools there were on going constuction of domitory which will accomodate children with various disabilities from various regions.To support this initiative,TEN/MET members donated 20 million whch was anounced during clossing ceremonies.

Also the GAWE team visited Nanga Secondary school which was established in 1992. It has a total number of 777 students Form I-IV 438 students, ( 234 girls and 204 boys). A level, form V and VI, 339, students, (130 girls ad and 209 boys). According to the headmaster, the school performance in national examinations rose from 51.3% to 60.9% in 2020, following succesful school feeding programme. However, the school faces several challenges such as truancy, especially for form 1 and form 2 students due to poor learning environment, as most students are staying in rented rooms due to shortage of domotories. Drop out is anotther challenge facing the school. Between 2017 and 2021 a total number of 366 students, 167 boys and 199 girls dropped out. Others are poor infrustructure and shortage of teachers especially Economics, Geography, Mathematics and Biology.Currently students are using some of the classroms as domitories following heavy rain on February 2022 which causes distruction of domitory and dining hall .

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