Job Title: Grants and Compliance Officer

Department: Support Services and Finance
Reports to: Accountant
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Supervises: Usually none

Travel Requirements Some travel Key relationships ED, Head of Programme, Head of Support Services and Finance, MEAL Manager and CEA/RIPA/MEA Managers, Accountant

Responsible for the successful management of funds for both projects by ensuring that all the necessary requirements, regulations and compliance are being adhered to. S/he will accountable for ensuring that all aspects of HakiElimu’s financial procedures and processes with partners are effectively performed. S/he will be assisting the Accountant in reporting of all donor funds management.

a) Grants Management (40%)
  • Track funds disbursements and follow all the necessary procedures of funds receiving.
  • Establish and maintain the files for each grant received for each project for easy tracking and reporting.
  • Responsible for the arrangement of projects expenditures verifications and audits as per the grant’s contract.
  • Assist the Accountant and Head-SSAF in the management of funds expenditures; including Imprest management, posting of vouchers to the account software, reconciliations and reporting.
  • Develop systems and support organisation’s efforts to monitor, track and report related grants fund management and audit recommendations.

b) Partner Monitoring and Support (30)
  • Ensure all donor and HakiElimu guidelines are complied with and communicated to partners
  • Conduct periodic verification of Partner’s expenditure to see that they are properly supported and are in accordance with the approved work plan and budget.
  • Review Partners bank reconciliation statement and compare with expenditure and balance reported in the Statement of Source and Application of Funds
  • Communicate in writing to HakiElimu Accountant and Head of SSAF any areas where non-compliance exists or expenditure cannot be verified.
  • Follow up on any issues raised following these reviews to ensure that they are properly addressed.
  • Ensure partners financial reports are submitted timely as per the established standards and agreement.
  • Follow up on external and internal audit recommendations to ensure full implementation.
  • articipate key training and orientation to partners, development and financial control and system issues.
  • Provide input in drafting training plans for the relevant partners focussing on strengthening partner capacities to better comply with HakiElimu contractual arrangements.
  • Assisting partners in identifying areas to strengthen and develop partner finance staff and either provide this training or assist the partner in identifying where such training can be sourced.

c) Compliance (20%)
  • Ensure that the contracts, policies and procedures are in accordance to the National laws
  • Ensure that HakiElimu comply with the NGO 2018 Financial Regulation in Management of donor funds
  • Provide guidance in interpreting and executing applicable regulations, terms and conditions of the grant
  • Conduct periodic reviews including site visits to the project beneficiaries.
  • Train project staff on procedures and requirements.

d) Other duties as required (10%)
  • Serve as a member of the fundraising committee and participate proposal budget development.
  • Participate in the development of department’s work plans and reports.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor


a) Minimum Skills and Experience-Essentials
  • Advance Diploma in Accountancy or B Com majoring in Accountancy. Possession of either CPA or Master’s degree in relevant field will be an added advantage.
  • Strong Financial and grant management skills and experience
  • Good knowledge and understanding of NGO statutory and compliance requirements.
  • Understanding of project cycle management (including problem/objective trees, stakeholder analysis, project planning, budgeting).
  • Strong knowledge of current and future funding trends, as well as of development issues, especially education and democracy
  • Fluency in both Kiswahili and English (Spoken & Written)
  • Excellent Analysis and Reasoning skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Computer literate - competent in the use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and accounting software such as Pastel, QuickBooks and Sun system.

b) Minimum Skills and Experience- Desirables
  • Applicable experience in nonprofit governance, administration, grants management and compliance
  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Ability to train and support staff to understand developing and managing donor relationships and funding.
c) Personal Attributes and behaviors
  • Proven ability to manage multiple priorities at the same time. In particular, experience of managing multiple budgets at the same time.
  • Proactive and able to self-manage
  • Highly organized and detail conscious
  • Honesty and integrity
  • A team player
  • Able to communicate clearly to diverse audiences, including donors, private sector partners, staff, management and government officials

d) Code of Conduct

To uphold HakiElimu’s financial policies and procedures, staff code of conduct and values at all times during the course of your post with the organization, acting as a role model in the course of your duties.

HakiElimu may amend this job description after consultation with the employee and the supervisor

We the undersigned fully understood and agree to the fore going Job Descriptions and agree with the content entirely.

Job Title: Quality Assurance Coordinator

Department: Leadership and Quality assurance Department
Reports to:The Executive Director
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Supervises: Normally 1 Program Officer
Travel Requirements: Some travel up 20%
Key relationships ED, Head of Programme, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Manager, MEAL Manager and CEA/RIPA/MEA Managers.

Ensure that the vision of the organization is promoted, strategic and conceptual guidance to realize HakiElimu’s mission is provided to staff, strategic relationships are cultivated, programs and operations are effectively planned, implemented, monitored and reported, organizational accountability is deepened and staff are enabled to develop their own capabilities to more effectively perform their work, and all systems are well functioning.

Provide technical support in the design and production of HakiElimu Publications, Communications and Program materials to ensure quality of content and adherence to HakiElimu branding guideline and standards. Provide efficiently appropriate support to departments and HakiElimu employees to implement quality work and achieve timely unit objectives and results.


1. Quality Assurance of HakiElimu Communication Materials (50%)

  1. Assist in conceptualizing and planning the content of HakiElimu communication materials such as publications, brochures, press releases, radio and tv spots and programs.
  2. Initialed by employee Initialed by Supervisor
  3. Offer critical review and analysis, thorough constructive criticism and advice to authors, making broad suggestions regarding a publication’s focus, as well as checking general accuracy of spelling, punctuation, paragraphing, etc.
  4. Review and approve communication materials that meets standards of completeness and fairness, correct organization, absence of libel, unnecessary profanity, bad taste, slurs, clarity and conciseness.
  5. Provide quality and critical technical support to staff regarding document production, and advice on multimedia additions to the web site.
  6. Provide staff with technical support in the writing of Op-Eds i.e. Hard Questions and Kauli Mbadala.
  7. Advise, support and report to the Executive Director on department specific and overall issues

2. Staff Capacity Building (20)

  1. Provide guidelines and training on editorial work, writing and printing procedures to staff, with regard to readability, style, and agreement with editorial policy/guidelines.
  2. Participate actively in organization wide learning and other joint activities.
  3. Provide technical support/training to department employee/s for effective implementation of department workplans

3. Management Team Responsibility (20%)

  1. Participate in Leadership of the Organization through advising the ED and the Management Team in Strategic Development and leadership of HakiElimu. ii. Take part in HakiElimu strategic engagements on advocacy and policy issues with civil societies, Government and other stakeholders for policy influencing as part of HakiElimu advocacy
  2. Support and provide input in program design and development of proposals.
  3. Ensure that the required support is provided promptly, at scale and in line with the rules and principles of HakiElimu
  4. Represent the organization in different forum /events as might be assigned by the supervisor.
  5. Initialed by employee Initialed by Supervisor 
  6. Effectively contribute to conceptual development, planning and monitoring processes at HakiElimu 

4. General Responsibilities (10)
  1. Effectively participate in preparing annual, quarterly and activity work plans, budgets and reports of the LQA department
  2. Effectively contribute to the implementation and monitoring of LQA work plans and budgets, and other activities as may be determined in conjunction with the Executive Director to further HakiElimu activities
  3. Successfully implement above responsibilities and assigned activities (and associated budgets) in work plans, consistent with HakiElimu policies.
  4. Undertake any other lawful tasks as may be assigned by the Executive Director..

1. Minimum Qualifications and Experience (Job Specification) The jobholder must poses the following:

  1. Must hold a college degree in either English language, Communication or Journalism. Master’s degree in relevant field will be an added advantage.
  2. A minimum experience of 5 years in a reputed firm is essential.
  3. Must be up-to-date about current happenings and be well informed about a broad range of subjects.
  4. He/she has to have an excellent sense of language and grammar as well as a good command of English and Kiswahili and concern for accuracy and detail.
  5. Excellent computer skills.
  6. Proficiency in word processing and e-mail correspondence is also necessary.

2. Personal Attributes and behaviors Accountability:

i. Holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modeling HakiElimu values

Initialed by employee Initialed by Supervisor

ii. Holds the broader team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities Ambition:

  1. Sets ambitious and challenging goals for themselves and take responsibility for their own personal development
  2. Future orientated, thinks strategically and on a global scale Collaboration:
  1. Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to; builds and maintains effective relationships with colleagues, team player, managers, members and external partners and supporters
  2. Values diversity and different people’s perspectives, able to work crossculturally. Creativity:
  1. Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions
  2. Willing to take disciplined risks Integrity:
  1. Honest, encourages openness and transparency
  2. Commitment to HakiElimu values

3. Code of Conduct
  1. To uphold HakiElimu’s policies and procedures, staff code of conduct and values at all times during the course of your post with the organization, acting as a role model in the course of your duties.
  2. You will sign these documents upon joining the organization and will be accountable to meet these standards

HakiElimu may amend this job description after consultation with the employee and the supervisor We the undersigned fully understood and agree to the fore going Job Description and agree with the content entirely.We the undersigned fully understood and agree to the fore going Job Descriptions and agree with the content entirely.