Job Title: Country Facilitator: Regional Education and Learning Initiative (RELI)Tanzania

Job Title

Country Facilitator: Regional Education and Learning Initiative (RELI)Tanzania


Leadership and Quality Assurance


Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Report to

Administratively:  RELI Host Coordinator

Technically: RELI Country Leads


Program Assistant-RELI Tanzania

Job type

Full Time

Base Salary

Not Disclosed


Core Purpose of RELI

Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) is the learning network of 60 organizations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda. In Tanzania, RELI currently has 18 member organizations, which is anticipated to increase. RELI Tanzania is organized under four thematic groups/clusters: Teacher Development and Support (TDS), Values and Life Skills (VALI), Equity and Inclusive Education (E&IE) and Accountability (AcT). RELI’s core, long-term goal is to ensure all children learn.  In doing so, RELI empowers its membership to become effective and influential organizations capable of shaping policies and practices towards improved learning outcomes for ALL. The four objectives of RELI are better coordination and alignment, improved learning outcomes, policy influence, and thematic principles of good practice. These objectives are interdependent and interlinked. The RELI Tanzania hub is hosted by HakiElimu, a local NGO is a registered and accredited Non-Governmental Organization in Tanzania which was established in 2001 and is a leading national expert in education, policy analysis and advocacy.



  • Facilitate RELI Tanzania to build a hub of knowledge,
  • Advance learning and evidence across its members on what work or not
  • Enhance learning for all children in Tanzania
  • Engage with and coordinate RELI to influence policies and practices that promote enabling environment for quality learning.
  • Responsible for strategic engagements, collaborations and communication with education stakeholders and policy makers on matters that relate to the thematic areas of Teachers Development and Support, Equity and Inclusion, Values and Life Skills and Accountability in education



Strategic engagements and coordination

  • Close working relations with RELI TZ leadership team and MEL Mentor.
  • Coordinate technical support (including MEL Specialist’s) to thematic groups. Liaise with and meet (as appropriate) with MEL mentor regularly to ensure relevant evidence is available to thematic groups.
  • Initiate, engage with and negotiate partnerships with education stakeholders (CSOs, Public sectors, Private Sectors & other networks) in furtherance of RELI TZ goals
  • Scan funding landscape and Coordinate joint funding proposals for RELI TZ. its TGs or with other national and transnational groups as may be appropriate
  • Assist the Country Leads in inviting policymakers to convenings and meetings as applicable in consultation with WPF.
  • Assist the Country Leads in scanning for project proposals that could be of interest for RELI members or RELI as a Host.
  • Assist the Country Leads and Coordinator in writing project proposals deemed of interest for RELI.


Facilitate and broker learning & evidence in-country

  • Facilitate and amplify peer learning within and across TGs and cross countries
  • Synthesize and analyze learning that is taking place and the knowledge generated within the in- country thematic groups.
  • Synthesize and analyze the knowledge & learning by co-creating, editing, linking and connecting knowledge and learning.
  • Synthesize and document in-country learnings to inform RELI and for engagement with stakeholders
  • Monitor context and coordinate platforms for discussions to facilitate adaptations within RELITZ
  • Coordinate with RELI Leadership and MEL mentor to organize learning events & other necessary events to support bridging gaps identified
  • Support the Country Thematic Groups in the production and sharing of learning products for sharing during country and regional convenings.
  • Collect learning products and notes and share with Country Host Coordinator and Leaders, WPF, and the Regional Host.
  • Support the Country Thematic Groups in the production and sharing of learning products for sharing during country and regional convenings.
  • Animate, challenge and enrich learning and knowledge generation within country thematic groups (including animating discussions, supporting the clarification of learning questions, challenging assumptions within conversations to promote learning, ensuring that pertinent information – like data, policy context, and literature – is available to the MEL mentor, thematic leads and country facilitator).


Advocacy and Policy influencing

  • Coordinate and facilitate RELITZ Country convening and identify other policy engagements/processes, in close consultation with RELI TZ leadership
  • Identify and facilitate effective engagement with policy makers.


Coordinate Planning, Budgeting, logistics and monitoring implementation of RELI initiatives

  • Coordinate planning with TGs and at country level with TZ leadership Team
  • Monitor implementation of learning plans and feedback on issues to improve
  • Participate, facilitate and share insights in RELI TZ and TG meetings and events
  • Collaborate openly and honestly with the Country Leads on all plans and events
  • Assist the Country Leads in the coordination of the RELI Thematic Groups in Tanzania and other activities and events by participating and contributing to the thematic group processes/activities.
  • Intentionally monitoring members transformation through thematic groups and triangulating with data available with MEL mentor for members learning.
  • Identifying gaps, analyzing learning and discussing emerging patterns with MEL mentor for feedback with thematic leads and country facilitators immediately after any fora, event or activity.
  • Compiling synthesized and evidence-informed learning reports on a monthly basis and sharing through and, upon approval of the Country Lead, with the WPF and the RELI country Host.
  • Co-author and edit the framing of learning in the country thematic groups into ‘what works, commenting on the writing of thematic group members and filling information gaps; editing the writing/s and knowledge products of thematic group members; and synthesizing the writing of thematic group members.
  • In consultation of Thematic leads, share work of the thematic groups across thematic groups, Country Leadership and regional level (RELI Regional Host and WPF).
  • Collect final, costed action plans and share with the Country Leads. Assist the Country Leads in sharing them with WPF for approval with the country Host in Cc.
  • Provide oversight on planning for learning events, including regular coordination with the MEL Mentor so as to support the Country leads in the sharing of relevant information and the Program Assistant’s planning of logistics.
  • Oversee planning of all events (meetings, trainings, workshops), including provision of support for group MEL trainings, in collaboration with the Programme Assistant.
  • Oversee thematic group meetings (by request of Thematic groups) and facilitate members in-country travel in coordination with the Program Assistant.
  • Identify and oversee identification of regional learning opportunities in cooperation with the MEL Mentor and thematic groups and shared with WPF for approval with Cc to the Regional Host.
  • Support travel and logistics in coordination with the Program Assistant.
  • Support the Country Leads to coordinate with the MEL specialist on the learning agenda in collaboration with WPF and the Regional Host.
  • Support Country Leads in scanning possible solutions for the incorporation of RELI at national level and execute the solution approved by the Country Leads in coordination with WPF and the RELI Tanzania Host Coordinator and the RELI Regional Host.




  • Degree/MA as minimum and preferably a PhD in social science and has at least 2-3  years of working experience in program design, knowledge, delivery, monitoring and evaluation and brokering of learning
  • Experience in high level policy engagement with national level policy makers and stakeholders
  • Experience in Project design and proposal writing, project and partnership management experience with Foreign grants



  • Practical skills, knowledge and experience in coordinating group learning, ability to analyse and synthesize information.
  • Capacity of capturing, synthesizing, sharing learning and knowledge within RELI members and across multi stakeholders’ platforms and partnerships
  • Skills, knowledge and experience in Planning, Budget Management and Report writing
  • English, Kiswahili, Computer and Leadership skills are basically essential.