Pre-Budget Statement 2019-2020

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From Analyis to Impact: Summary
From Analyis to Impact: Summary

The following case study illustrates how expenditure monitoring has been used as part of an advocacy strategy for realizing the right to education in Tanzania. This is a summary of a more in-depth study prepared by Ruth Carlitz and Rosie McGee as part of the Learning Program of the International Budget Partnership’s Partnership Initiative. The PI Learning Program seeks to assess and document the impact of civil society engagement in public budgeting.

Education Sector Budget 2011/2012
Education Sector Budget 2011/2012

Education is very important for the development and social wellbeing. However, education can only bring change of development for an individual or a country when provided with quality and acceptable standards. Quality education refers to education that enables a graduate to be skilled with better knowledge – skills that will help the graduate solve challenges of life and henceforth obtain development. Quality education is acquired by having schools and colleges with conducive teaching and learning environments, adequate number of teachers, available infrastructure, curriculum that bases on the community needs and proper management and examining systems. All of these can be achieved when the government becomes socially accountable by adopting plans that focus on the needs of the education sector, and appropriately implemented by using public funds through the system of the budget for education sector. This brief provides analysis of the education