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The Progress of Primary Education Development Plan in Tanzania

The purpose of this paper is to explore the progress of the Primary Education Development Plan(PEDP)until 2004,with respect to the plans to expand the primary education system and the issues related to the quality.The insights contained within this paper are based upon three years of research conducted by the researcher,as part of his doctoral studies,with the financial support of the UK Economic and Social Research Council

Good Governance,Bad Governance and the Quest for Democracy in Africa

Some of the issues explored in this paper include the fundamental blind-spot in contemporary neo-liberal discourse which treats the present as if it has had no history and the fact that the discourse on democracy in Africa suffers from the same blindness.

Reflection on NGOs in Tanzania

In this day and the age of imperial hegemony,transmitted to the peoples of the world through both state and non state agencies,it is important that non governmental organisations ask themselves whether they are contributing to the great causes of humanity,the cause of emancipation from oppression,exploitation and deprivation,or if they,consciously or unconsciously,are merely playing to a tune set of others?This paper is written in the spirity of self-criticism,reflection and soul-searching to offer a few thoughts in this subject.

Nyerere on Education

According to Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,Tanzania's first president,''the antithesis of education is the kind of learning which teaches an individual to regard himself as a commodity whose value is determined by certificates,degrees,or other professional qualifications.'This working paper delves into Nyerere's writings and speeches to present his thoughts on education.