About Us

Our Roots

HakiElimu (Swahili, meaning ‘Right to Education’) is a registered Non Governmental Organization/Civil Socieity Organization in Tanzania which was established in 2001 by 13 Tanzanian Founding Members. Our history is rooted in the ambition of those founder members – that citizens, if actively involved in education governance, can make a difference in the education sector.

Today, HakiElimu is a leading national expert in education, policy analysis and advocacy and in 2019 the organisation was selected as the overall winner of The African Civil Society Excellence Awards. HakiElimu was also the winner of two categories, ‘Strategic Ability and Adaptability’ and ‘Leadership and Governance’.


An open, just and democratic Tanzania where all people enjoy the right to education that promotes equity, creativity and critical thinking.

Team HakiElimu

We're a group of passionate and determined, creative problem-solvers who want to make a difference in education and democracy.
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