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Magreth Mkuku: P-VAC School Club Champion

Magreth Mkuku is 12 years old female pupil at Mwisenge “A” Primary School in Musoma Urban District and a member of the Champion Club, which empowers girls on gender and protection against violence, thus supporting them to remain and transit in education. Magreth wants to become a soldier. However, her education journey is not easy. “I am proud of the soldiers protecting our country. I like to protect my country from enemies, and I admire our President, Mama Samia”, says Magreth. She lives in a vulnerable environment, which is unhealthy for her academic development. “I lived with my family until my parents let me go to care for a sick relative. The environment was not good for my studies, and some customers forced me to buy drinks for them, despite my young age. It was a guest house, with main responsibilities being household chores and serving customers, thus compromising my studies”, she says.

One day Magreth told Club peers about her living environment, and they informed the Club Guardian, Teacher Tairo. He discussed this with her brother, and she now lives in Nyamatare. Her academic performance improved so well that she was elected Champion Girl in her school.

Since joining the Club, Magreth feels empowered. “I am preparing a vegetable garden that will earn me money to buy personal things,” she says. She also learned to sew reusable towels ( sodo in Kiswahili); thus, female students do not have to miss classes during menstrual periods”, says Magreth. She advises all those facing VAC issues to take action and report accordingly and requests the Government and stakeholders to speed up and ensure a friendly and enabling learning environment for female students.

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